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The Challenge

Because the replenishment rate of ground water can be hundreds or thousands of years, it is increasingly vital we develop processes and technology that can help remove harmful organisms from wastewater so it can be reused sooner. This becomes even more urgent as our worldwide populations grow and industrial water demand increases.

The PrO2 Solution

The PrO2 Series wastewater treatment system efficiently delivers large quantities of dissolved oxygen in a molecular state – no bubbles, no buoyancy, and incredible retention time.

Delivering up to 96% oxygen transfer efficiency, the PrO2 “wakes up” microbes and accelerates the natural breakdown of organic matter while also creating and preserving an odor-free environment.

Additionally, the PrO2 gives operators the ability to deliver and manage sufficient oxygen levels to consume up to 95% of organic waste, while reducing conventional aeration costs by up to 75%.


Though microbes occur naturally in wastewater treatment systems, assistance is often needed when the amount of waste overwhelms the bacteria’s capacity to degrade harmful contaminants.

Greener Planet Systems’ series of bioaugmentation products contain a blend of five to seven Bacillus strains in various ratios, combined with a proprietary blend of micronutrients that enhances the natural bacteria’s ability to degrade wastewater contaminants.

Find out how bioaugmentation will reduce your operational costs and improve efficiencies in the wastewater treatment process!

Specific Environmental Applications

  • Oil Environmental Event Remediation
  • Landfill Leachate
  • Ponds, Streams and Lakes
  • Lagoons and Retention Ponds

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