PrO2 Series

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Conventional aeration blowers use up to 70% of a wastewater treatment facility’s total energy use. This accounts for 56 kWh of power consumption in plants across the United States.

The fine bubble technology used in this traditional method attempts to minimize the kinetics of dissolving gas into water by making finer and finer bubbles, but never fully achieves saturation equilibrium.

The size of the bubble will not alter the saturation concentration. Fine bubbles only increase the rate of saturation due to their relatively greater surface area, and some amount of gas will always be lost when bubbles reach the surface. This is because bubbles, no matter how small, will always have buoyancy, and buoyancy will inevitably push bubbles to the surface.

Greener Planet Systems offers a better solution.


The PrO2 Series is a proprietary gasification system that injects controlled levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) at extremely low operating costs. The unit uses a small slip stream from a clear water source, supersaturates it with oxygen, and utilizes precision applicators to reintroduce oxygenated fluid back into the targeted waste stream—where it is needed, when it is needed.

Dissolved oxygen from the GPS PrO2 Series is not limited by ambient saturation levels because the delivered oxygen is already dissolved, and will experience no effects of buoyancy because it is not a bubble.

The PrO2 Series efficiently delivers extremely large amounts of dissolved oxygen into waste matter with up to 96% oxygen transfer efficiency. As a result, the oxygen rich environment will accelerate the natural breakdown of organic matter while creating and preserving an odor free environment.


  • Empowers Microbes to Consume 95% of Organic Waste
  • 96% Oxygen Transfer Efficiency
  • 75% Reduction in Conventional Aeration Costs
  • Targeted Application Control
  • Remote and Onsite Control Options
  • Customizable to Your Volume Needs

PrO2 Applications

  • Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Hydroponics
  • Storm Water Retention Pond Aeration
  • Lake and Reservoir Restoration
  • Food and Beverage Processing Waste

  • Auto and Truck Wash Water Remediation
  • Biofuel Wastewater Separation
  • Hydrocarbon Remediation

  • Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater Remediation
  • Landfill Leachate Remediation
  • Livestock Wastewater (CAFO’s, etc.)



The PrO2-154 is our flagship water remediation unit. Designed for permanent installation, it is intended for municipal, industrial, and commercial applications. At its highest capacity, this unit injects 6 lbs. of oxygen per hour and delivers dissolved oxygen at a rate of 15 GPM.


Designed to be compact and portable, the PrO2-052 is intended for lighter applications. At its highest capacity, this unit injects 1.9 lbs. of oxygen per hour and delivers dissolved oxygen at rate of 5 GPM.


The smallest unit in the series, the PrO2-021 is designed to be wall mounted and is intended for lighter applications where mobility is key. At its highest capacity, this unit injects .85 lbs. of oxygen per hour and delivers dissolved oxygen at a rate of 2 GPM.

We can customize a PrO2 to fit your specific needs

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PrO2 Micro-Filtration and Conditioner Unit

The PrO2 Micro-Filtration and Conditioner Unit can be used in conjunction with any PrO2 Oxygen Delivery System. Ensuring a consistent supply pressure is maintained; the unit will also prevent particulates from clogging the main system.

PrO2 Conditioner Unit

The PrO2 Conditioner Unit can be used in conjunction with any PrO2 Oxygen Delivery System. This unit will ensure a consistent and appropriate supply pressure is maintained and protect against “brown-out.”

PrO2 Dissolved Oxygen Applicators

The PrO2 Dissolved Oxygen Applicators deliver up to 4 GPM each. Multiple applicators can be used simultaneously for variable feed rates within a zone.

Proven Results

  • White Paper: Oxygen Efficiency and Power Usage | Genesee County, Michigan

    Anthony Ragnone Wastewater Treatment Plant, one of the most efficient wastewater treatment facilities in the nation, put GPS’s PrO2 system to the test. In a side-by-side comparison, the PrO2 demonstrated higher oxygen utilization efficiency and lower net power usage than their existing fine bubble diffuser equipment.

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  • In just one month we’ve seen a decrease of nearly 2 feet of sludge in our stage one farrowing lagoon. And this is an active lagoon that serves 2,500 hogs.

    Iowa Farmer
  • Case Study: Hauled Solids Reduction | City of Apopka, Florida

    Problem: Rising costs and inefficiencies related to end-stage wastewater treatment. Result: After implementing the PrO2 treatment system, the client was able to reduce the amount of regularly hauled solids by 93%. “The PrO2 has minimal maintenance cost and lower electrical use which equates to huge savings. Seeing the impact we’ve had, I’m certain we could improve the beginning stages of treatment, which in turn would have a huge impact on the end result.”

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  • In three days, the results were ASTONISHING

    Municipal Waste Water Operator
  • Sludge Reduction | Village of Blissfield, Michigan

    Problem: Unable to store increasing volumes of sludge long enough to be transported to farms. Result: After just a few days, the PrO2 system aerated the sludge and decanted more water to reduce the final shipment of sludge down to 300,000 gallons from a projected 420,000. After seeing what the system was capable of, the Village purchased the PrO2 and has since achieved their initial goal of a 50% reduction in sludge.

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  • White Paper: PrO2 and Supernatant Phosphorus Removal

    The PrO2 is proven successful in reducing decant water phosphorus levels from aerobic digesters. Consequently, phosphorus concentration the sludge water increases. This provides value to agriculture while simultaneously keeping our watersheds safe.

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