Cleaner Water.

Waste and Wastewater Treatment Applications


Every aspect of human life relies on the use and reuse of our most precious commodity: water. Find out how our dissolved oxygen technology combined with bioaugmentation products can empower Mother Nature’s process of removing waste from our water.


Production processes in the food and agriculture industries require up to one hundred times more water than an individual needs for personal use. Find out how the PrO2 technology combined with our BioPro bioaugmentation products enable these operations to treat wastewater onsite—increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


Traditional wastewater solutions are inefficient and costly. With our patented PrO2 technology and BioPro bioaugmentation products, manufacturing businesses in a variety of industries can treat wastewater on-site to save energy and operating costs. Click below for more information.


Though groundwater is a renewable resource, rising levels of pollutants and contaminants are endangering our clean water supply. Find out how our PrO2 technology and BioPro products can address this growing problem.


Technological advancements in wastewater treatment extend to a variety of industries and applications. Click below to learn how these innovations can increase profit, improve water quality, and protect our environment.