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The Challenge

Though farmers are now able to produce more food at lower costs, the amount of water needed for high-yielding seeds, irrigation, plant nutrition, and livestock waste has increased dramatically.

Using wastewater treatment facilities can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each year and does little to address the ongoing environmental concerns regarding water quality.

The PrO2 Solution

The GPS PrO2 Series is a proprietary gasification system that uses cutting-edge nano-technology to accelerate the natural cleansing systems already present in the environment.

The PrO2 Series wastewater treatment system efficiently delivers large quantities of dissolved oxygen in a molecular state – no bubbles, no buoyancy, and incredible retention time.

Delivering up to 96% oxygen transfer efficiency, the PrO2 “wakes up” microbes and accelerates the natural breakdown of organic matter while also creating and preserving an odor-free environment.

The PrO2 Series reduces up to 75% of total suspended solids (TSS), up to 97% of BOD and COD, and up to 75% of ammonia with onsite wastewater treatment. This eliminates or significantly reduce the need to send out wastewater for additional treatment.


Though microbes occur naturally in wastewater treatment systems, assistance is often needed when the amount of waste overwhelms the bacteria’s capacity to degrade harmful contaminants.

Greener Planet Systems’ series of bioaugmentation products contain a blend of five to seven Bacillus strains in various ratios, combined with a proprietary blend of micronutrients that enhances the natural bacteria’s ability to degrade wastewater contaminants.

Find out how BioPro and our customized Livestock PRO will reduce your operational costs and improve efficiencies in the wastewater treatment process!

Specific Agriculture Applications

  • Horticulture and Hydroponics
  • Aquaculture Fish and Plant Oxygenation
  • Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

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