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Welcome to a future filled with Cleaner Water.

Carrying a vision of environmental sustainability, Greener Planet Systems provides cutting-edge solutions for wastewater treatment and energy conservation in a variety of industries.

Cleaner Water

Cleaner Water

Sustainable and affordable methods of wastewater treatment are crucial to the health of our planet. See how Greener Planet Systems addresses this need for treatment plants, residential lagoons, and everything in between.

Advanced Science

Advanced Science

Our dissolved oxygen technology combined with a proprietary blend of micronutrients enhances Mother Nature’s ability to degrade organic pollutants. Learn how the PrO2 and BioPro team up to form a lasting wastewater treatment solution.

Proven Results

  • White Paper: Oxygen Efficiency and Power Usage | Genesee County, Michigan

    Anthony Ragnone Wastewater Treatment Plant, one of the most efficient wastewater treatment facilities in the nation, put GPS’s PrO2 system to the test. In a side-by-side comparison, the PrO2 demonstrated higher oxygen utilization efficiency and lower net power usage than their existing fine bubble diffuser equipment.

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  • In just one month we’ve seen a decrease of nearly 2 feet of sludge in our stage one farrowing lagoon. And this is an active lagoon that serves 2,500 hogs.

    Iowa Farmer
  • Case Study: Hauled Solids Reduction | City of Apopka, Florida

    Problem: Rising costs and inefficiencies related to end-stage wastewater treatment. Result: After implementing the PrO2 treatment system, the client was able to reduce the amount of regularly hauled solids by 93%. “The PrO2 has minimal maintenance cost and lower electrical use which equates to huge savings. Seeing the impact we’ve had, I’m certain we could improve the beginning stages of treatment, which in turn would have a huge impact on the end result.”

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  • In three days, the results were ASTONISHING

    Municipal Waste Water Operator
  • Sludge Reduction | Village of Blissfield, Michigan

    Problem: Unable to store increasing volumes of sludge long enough to be transported to farms. Result: After just a few days, the PrO2 system aerated the sludge and decanted more water to reduce the final shipment of sludge down to 300,000 gallons from a projected 420,000. After seeing what the system was capable of, the Village purchased the PrO2 and has since achieved their initial goal of a 50% reduction in sludge.

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  • White Paper: PrO2 and Supernatant Phosphorus Removal

    The PrO2 is proven successful in reducing decant water phosphorus levels from aerobic digesters. Consequently, phosphorus concentration the sludge water increases. This provides value to agriculture while simultaneously keeping our watersheds safe.

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